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Cancellation and Change Waiver (Pre-Departure Protection)



With the purchase of the Cancellation and Change Waiver, travelers may cancel and/or change either the land and/or air portion of their package. Some hotel room categories and airfares may be non-refundable and are not covered by this Waiver. Optional activities (transfers, sight-seeing, theme park passes, rail passes, etc) are non-refundable even when the waiver is purchased. In addition, some airfares may be available only in connection with land arrangements and those requirements are not covered by this Waiver. Administrative Service Charges (ASC) on certain airfares may still be applicable even if waiver is purchased.
If one traveler purchases the Waiver, it is mandatory for all other travelers booked in the same reference number to purchase the Waiver. This includes both adults and children. The Cancellation and Change Waiver may only be purchased when the initial reservation is made.
Cancel - the waiver covers cancellations, for any reason, up until scheduled departure time. The waiver also covers revision fees. Restrictions may apply as outlined in land revisions of terms and conditions. When making your reservation on-line, you will be given the option to add this valuable protection in the booking process. Please read the terms and conditions associated with the package you are purchasing before selecting the Cancellation and Change Waiver option and completing your reservation. When two or more parties travel together and stay in the same room, a cancellation will result in a refund on air and land only if the room is cancelled completely. If one person still stays in the room then there is no refund of the land cost to the canceling party. Cancellation should be advised as early as possible.
Change - changes resulting in an increase to the air or land price will be at the expense of the traveler. Changes from one tour destination to an alternative tour destination or adding another tour to an existing itinerary are subject to the rules/restrictions of the new tour.
Reminder: Some airfares may remain non-refundable even with the purchase of the waiver.

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