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Enjoy a family vacation on these 3 kid-friendly beaches in the Bahamas

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes, Jan 2020

Beach vacation with family

Hundreds of islands make up the dreamy Caribbean nation of the Bahamas, so deciding on which beach to visit might put you into decision paralysis. Each of them is a sandy, sun-soaked strip with gentle breezes and warm waves, but the varying activities and attractions can offer a wide variety of experiences. Whether your family vacation is about spying wildlife, collecting sea shells or exploring fish under the sea, there's a Bahamian beach suited for you.

To help you choose the perfect shore for your next family vacation, here are three beaches in the Bahamas that are sure to please.

Pig swimming at Pig Beach in the Bahamas

Take a dip with the kids, and the pigs, at Pig Beach in the Exumas.

1. Pig Beach, Exumas

Have you ever gone swimming with a group of wild pigs? If you visit the aptly named Pig Beach, your family will go hog wild at the sight of the adorable snorting piggies paddling around in the water. Pig Beach is in the Exumas, a collection of cays and islands southeast of Nassau; to get there, you can fly directly to George Town, Bahamas or travel by boat from the other major islands. Charters and guided tours ferry tourists to this pig-packed spot for day trips. Some trips even tack on fun perks, such as swimming excursions with nurse sharks, iguana-spying adventures and savoring delicious beach picnics on the sandbar.

Beautiful scene of the pink sand beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Bury your toes in the rose-colored sand of Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island.

2. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

This incredible beach gets its name from its rose-colored sand, which is made up of the crushed shells of tiny coral creatures. The sand is a stunning sight, and it never gets blazing hot underfoot the way white sand does, making it an ideal choice for scampering kids. This three-mile stretch of heaven on Harbour Island can be reached by water taxi from Eleuthera. It's nestled near an offshore reef that protects the beach from big waves, so swimming and snorkeling are comfortable for everyone. You can also go horseback riding here, or you could visit nearby limestone caves where pirates once hid their plunder.

3. Fortune Beach, Grand Bahama

When the tide is low, picturesque Fortune Beach extends to almost 200 feet, and families with kids of all ages flock to it to splash in the shallow water and climb over the exposed rocks. It also gets high marks for its quiet stretches, convenient parking (it's just a 50-foot walk to the beach from the lots) and amenities such as chair rentals and outdoor showers. There's also a restaurant nearby for lunch, drinks and some welcome shade. The water at Fortune Beach is seaweed-free, the sand is powdery soft, and it's easily accessible (especially with young children) as you don't have to traverse stands of mangrove trees to get there. Eagle-eyed swimmers might even spot stingrays in the knee-deep pools that line the shore.

The beaches of the Bahamas offer a wide range of family-friendly activities, so it's hard to go wrong when selecting one for your bunch. Whether they see amazing fish and birds or build sandcastles on quiet shores, your kids will delight in the sun-filled beauty that this Caribbean paradise has to offer.

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