Bucket list travel destinations: Add this Tel Aviv neighborhood to your list

By Theo Panagopoulos, Feb 2020

Tel Aviv is quickly becoming one of the world's most attractive bucket list travel destinations. The modern Middle East city is famous for its elegant Bauhaus architecture, vibrant art scene, oceanside promenades and buzzing outdoor markets. Over the past few years, however, a different kind of neighborhood has been gaining in popularity with the younger crowds. Here are a few reasons to take a special visit to Tel Aviv's Florentin neighborhood.

Florentin's fascinating history

Florentin sits just a few minutes south of the city center and is a short walk from the famous Neve Tzedek district. Unlike its modern (and largely gentrified) neighbor, though, Florentin retains an old, authentic Tel Aviv atmosphere. The neighborhood is a melting pot of cultures and colorful contrasts. During the 1980s, when most of the city was modernizing, Florentin was left behind. Soon, Tel Aviv's lower classes and foreign workers moved into the neighborhood's undervalued buildings.

In the late 1990s, a new crowd swarmed Florentin's streets in search of inexpensive living spaces and a free-spirited, multicultural environment. Soon enough, a large community of designers, musicians and craftsmen sprung up, and the artists turned the old buildings into fashionable workshops and hip living spaces, marking the start of Florentin's transformation.

Today, Florentin is one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. It's thought of as Tel Aviv's SoHo, known for world-class street art and graffiti, trendy cafés and restaurants and impeccable nightlife.

Shakshuka or Shakshouka is a quintessential meal of Arab cuisine . It

Try one of the most popular dishes in Israel: the hearty shakshuka, poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.

Explore Florentin's food scene

Florentin is home to a fascinating culinary scene. Every budget and craving can be satisfied here (traditional Israeli food, Mediterranean fusion dishes, gourmet vegan cuisine, ethnic food stalls and more) by walking Florentin's scenic streets and following the spellbinding aromas. Stop at the contemporary gastropub Romano and taste some traditional Israeli delicacies, or head over to Florentina for a delicious kosher lunch on its enchanting alfresco terrace.

Discover Florentin's hip cafés

Innumerable bars and restaurants have opened their doors since the neighborhood transformed. But one of the best ways to experience Florentin's lifestyle and mingle with locals is to grab a cup of coffee at one of its many trendy cafés. Florentin has become a locus of the city's art scene and hipster culture, which is reflected in the character of the neighborhood's cozy cafés and bakeries. The charming poc.cafe offers fresh, rustic pastries and artisanal coffee in a laid-back atmosphere with a hip vibe; it's a great place to get acquainted with Florentin's character.

Party Lights.

Spend just one night in Tel Aviv, and you'll understand why people call it the Nonstop City.

Experience Florentin's spirited nightlife

Tel Aviv is known as the Nonstop City, and for good reason. The city's notorious club host parties and concerts that go on until the sun comes up, and it's a haven for revelers from around the world. Florentin is a rising star in Tel Aviv's nightlife scene, attracting alternative and artsy younger crowds looking to escape the mainstream and claim the small neighborhood as their own.

Come sundown, peaceful Florentin turns into a hard-partying hub with nightclubs and music venues housed in old warehouses and basements, tiny streetside watering holes serving cocktails and crowded pizza and falafel joints. Kick off your night with a refreshing cocktail at Berlin in Florentin, a bohemian bar located in the very heart of the neighborhood, then head over to Teder and dance the night away to the sounds of live DJ sets.

It's not surprising that Tel Aviv has earned global street cred. On a visit to Florentin, you'll understand why this free-spirited neighborhood has become one of the coolest places in the city.

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