Popular Mexico vacation spots: 3 fun daylong itineraries for your stay in Acapulco

By Alyson Sheppard, Dec 2019

Mexico's Acapulco Beach

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, Acapulco is one of the most beloved Mexico vacation spots. Thanks to its dazzling stretch of beaches and its easy access to and from Acapulco International Airport, you can be lying on a towel under palm trees and sipping piña coladas in no time.

But there are plenty of fun ways to spend a long weekend in the resort seaport that was once a favorite destination of Hollywood stars and wealthy fun-seekers. Here are three-day trips that will get you off your beach towel and still let you work on your tan.

1. Dive with seahorses at Isla de La Roqueta

Hop on a quick cruise from Caletilla Beach and head to Isla de la Roqueta, an island dotted with coves bursting with tropical fish, cave rock formations and calm waters. Ride in one of the glass-bottomed double-decker boats from Yates Fondo Cristal and you'll be treated to waterfront views of celebrities' and politicians' homes and a peek at Virgen Sumergida, a bronze statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe that rests on the bottom of Acapulco Bay. Snorkelers can get a closer look at the shrine, as well as colorful trumpetfish, seahorses and laid-back sea turtles. More experienced divers can explore Rio de la Plata, a sunken ship that sits 45 feet below the surface of the bay.

Sunset on Isla de la Roqueta in Acapulco, Mexico

Discover the underwater world of Isla de La Roqueta before taking in a breathtaking sunset.

2. Explore the Magical Spanish City of Taxco

Stroll along cobblestone streets and admire 16th-century colonial architecture in Taxco, the continent's oldest mining center. A four-hour bus ride from Acapulco will get you to the Pueblo Mágico, one of the most adored Mexico vacation spots, which sits on a hillside some 5,000 feet above sea level.

Plaza Borda, the town's main square, is surrounded by cathedrals (including one with breathtaking pink stonework), mansions and museums full of preserved paintings, sculptures and photos, and romantic balconies that drape off of white-stuccoed buildings. Pop into one of the hundreds of silver markets and workshops to snag a unique piece of jewelry or silverware to take home. A cable-car ride from the north side of town up to Hotel Montetaxco gives you panoramic views of Taxco and the nearby gorge and mountain range.

Cathedral of Santa Prisca in Taxco

Visit Taxco's stunning colonial monument, the Catedral de Santa Prisca.

3. Snag a marlin beyond Acapulco Bay

Charter a deep-sea fishing boat for a thrilling excursion in ocean waters beyond Acapulco Bay. A private company can pick you up at your hotel, transport you to a private yacht and sail you out into the open waters. A guide will set up your sport fishing equipment and help you bait, snag and reel in deep-water game fish like marlin, mahi mahi and sailfish. You can even bring a piña colada onboard to relish in all of Acapulco's delights at once.

View on bay of Acapulco

Board a private yacht in Acapulco Bay and head out to the open sea for marlin fishing.

There are plenty of ways to stay engaged and enchanted on a long weekend in Acapulco, whether on the sand, in the sea or on the historic cobblestone streets just a short hop away. It's easy to see why this bayside darling has been a waterfront gem for centuries, and even easier to understand why you'll want to keep coming back to one of the most treasured Mexico vacation spots for years to come.

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